1. Click on the Tuesday or Thursday Rollup day you want to play on.
2. Enter your comment in the comment box. eg Tony M - I can play
3. Choose comment as (a) "Anonymous", (Google users can select their username)
....................................or (b) "Name/URL", (Enter your name, leave Url blank, click Continue)
4. Click Publish
You can view the current Rollup Handicap List by clicking the link to the right

Please Note - Rollup scores are only logged when there are 6 or more players

Club Handicap Changes.
Players should always play to whichever handicap is LOWER either their club handicap or their rollup handicap.
When a club handicap decreases below a rollup handicap then the change must be reflected immediately in the rollup handicap.
When a club handicap increases above a rollup handicap then there is no immediate change to the rollup handicap


Please indicate your playing intentions by MIDDAY the day before the rollup day otherwise you may not be able to play.

Tuesday 23rd October

All off club except:- Bill B (19), Bob B (13), Dave D (13),  Tony G (14),  Tony H (21),  Tony H (20), Tony M (10),  Paul M (4),   John M (18),  Chris O (27),  Dave S (16),  Tong  (2),  Paul W (7)